Your intimate destination Wedding and Elopement


„My wedding photography is about your passion of being together, your freedom, your closeness, deep feelings and intimacy – it is about your wild love and my heart and soul putting into my images.“

M y  P u r p o s e

Making your emotions, your love and joy visible in my images.


My purpose is to capture your wild love and the true spirit of you as a couple, the beauty of your love being celebrated, and the happiness of your selected guests sharing that love with you. I’m really passionate about small, intimate weddings and elopements. WHY? Because they are full of love, joy and intimacy. You and your guests are more relaxed and you as the bride & groom can be more focused on your love and your  special day.

The most important goal during an engagement or intimate wedding shooting for me is to retain your emotions, your true and fearless love.. to show you how beautiful YOU are – inside out – and capture this precious and emotional moments you can hold and cherish a lifetime.
I’m the right photographer for you if you’ll have a non traditional wedding, you love the bohemian style, you wear the dress YOU always dreamed of with flowers in your hair. You’ll have a small, intimate wedding in the woods, in the desert, a beautiful garden, in a field, at the beach, or on the hill.

In my pictures there is movement instead of poses, true laugher, meaning and emotions.. and I am going to cut off heads and legs in my photographs. I love to capture details and the little things on your special day – even if no other pays attention to them and I will follow you around the world to capture your love on this unique day.

Let’s capture theses special moments & feelings that will get you nostalgic and overwhelmed 10 years from now.

That will bring back all those moments, emotions, and the feeling of being loved & the most happy people on the whole planet!

Love to hear from you,


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