Be the light you want to see in the World

I believe that positive emotions and good vibes can rule the world and definitely can change it and that we should be wild and adventurous in order to live the meaningful life we really want to have.

Welcome wild heart

Caterina Hoffmann Photography vanlifelovestories

I’m Cate, wild at heart and a dreamer. I’m loving, spiritual, sensitive, a creative soul, a warrior sometimes. I need to feel free to really be myself and you can find me in nature, near a water or under a tree with a book. I love to laugh, the wind in my hair, the sand between my toes and the laugher of my little girl. I’m wife to a wonderful man, who is also my second shooter and I’m mommy to our little girl, Stella.

I always wished I could take pictures in my head and print them because I wanted to show you how I see the world through my eyes… to show you how beautiful most things are. This is my little story how I came to photography and I’ve never ever imagined how my life would change by doing what I love… by telling stories and being able to create memories by holding moments and emotions forever.

More about ME:

I like the smell of italian homemade pasta, the touch of waves, the taste of strawberries, the sight of sea, the sound of laughter and the feeling of being free and fully alive.

I often smile behind my camera.. And this happens, when I see trough my lens, that you’re loving what you’re doing, when I see passion and love and when I feel your creative heart(s) sparkle.
Sometimes I also weep (for joy) behind my camera when I am part of  very emotional moments & loving couples on their wedding days, sharing their love and sensitivity with me & my camera.

I dream of owning an old stone cottage by the sea, spending half a year relaxed time reading, writing & photographing while our girl is playing in the sand and the other six  month on a catamaran travelling & exploring the world, its countries, beaches and its oceans.

My new aspiration is to live a more simple and minimalistic life. I’m convinced that less is more and we should should only own items that spark-joy and enrich our daily life.

So if you are free & wild souls, vibrant and raw and you love extraordinary, you seek and find inspirations in people, words and places and your walls are full of memories, please DO contact me.. because I would love to hear your stories.

Look at the stars… see how they shine for you

Love, your’s Cate